The Band


Billy Robinson - Vocals & Guitar



Billy hails from Belfast, where he formed his first band - 'No Alibis' were a rock covers band, and they gigged across most of Ireland!

Billy then played in a Rory Gallagher tribute band called 'Shadowplay', before moving to Cheltenham in 1999. He then sang for a band called Smokestak, and more recently, Profoundly Blue, a Cheltenham based R & B and rock band.


Mark Wedge - Lead Guitar
Mark W

Mark was born in Wolverhampton, and being from the Black Country it was impossible not to be exposed to all manner of rock/blues music. He was taught to play guitar by his dad and received his musical eductation by rooting through his dad's vinyl record collection. Lots of records were worn out by playing them over and over trying to work out all the guitar parts!

Mark has been in a range of bands over the years from Hard/Modern rock originals bands through to wedding/function bands but always guitar based music. When he hasn't got a guitar in his hands you will either find him covered in mud out mountain biking or crying into his bovril watching his beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers FC!



Martin Wakely - Bass & Backing Vocals


After many years playing bass in Brass Bands, Martin decided to move into more main-stream music. He did his apprenticeship in several local bands with varied musical styles. As well as SlowJin he plays regularly with local band Alter Ego, and occaisionally with the Keith Thompson Band.

If you're interested in talking bass, come and say hello at a gig - he's always keen to talk instruments and amplifiers!


Gaz Hunt - Drums, Percussion and Vocals

Gaz started playing drums in local bands ‘Poacher Brown’ & ‘Bunter’ with local guitarist Wurzel who went on to play with Motörhead. Toured Europe in his early years. Has been a session vocalist and recorded over 15 albums for different bands throughout his playing career. Played on local & national Radio and TV. Until recently, he has toured/supports with bands such as ‘The Darkness’, ‘The Levellers’, ‘The Damned’ to name but a few. He has also recently recorded lead vox for a famous Russian Heavy Rock outfit.
He has now come full circle, and is excited to play for local band ‘SlowJin’.



Photography by Martin Reynolds

Martin B Reynolds

Cheltenham, Glos.

pintokamares at yahoo dot co dot uk